Who we are?


 The BCLab Project ? was launched by a core group ?‍?‍?‍? who live and work all over the world.  We are a diverse bunch from different professional backgrounds: an accelerator ??‍???‍⚕️ manager, ?‍? an academic, ?‍⚖️ an entrepreneur, ?‍♂️ a finance director, ? an artist, ?‍? a coder, and a technologist.  In this platform we are political entrepreneurs (PEs).

As PEs we believe that discourse within the block citizenship can help humanity find solutions to the many problems of ?? people, nations, states, and NGO’s.  We are passionate about managing this platform as a political innovation ? lab; to discuss how the block citizenship can help solve problems related to the gap between society’s economic&social needs and the services of government agencies and institutions.

Our goal is to engage the different parties who are working on common problems and together develop solutions based projects.

? Nations, states and countries shouldn’t be fully dependent on territorial boundaries. BCLab has the potential to help states, agencies, and institutions perform better in meeting people’s needs by bringing together solutions providers from all corners of the globe.

BCLab is an open source platform inspired by people from different parts of the World:

*? Startup consultant from Palo Alto: I live and work in famous Silicon Valley ☺️ I believe that entrepreneurs from different parts of the world don’t need to physically be here to access the different opportunities that exist here in the Valley.

*??‍? Technologist from Mumbai: I shouldn’t need to move to offer my services to western countries even though culturally and ideologically I feel closer to people from other countries as compared with most of my neighbours.

*? NGO manager, adjunct professor: I was born and raised in ? New York, I’m a world traveler and  am in the process of applying to become a ?? Canadian citizen. I am really angry at the political situation here in the ?? U.S.  After the election, like most of my friends, I applied for ? Canadian citizenship, but then I thought my reaction was a little bit childish. It’s really disappointing that for millions of US citizens our political views about climate change, fair trade, and gun ownership will be never represented in government. I think this situation is not only for Americans but also for other countries’ citizens as well, and we need to connect with all of them. We have no other choice.

*?? Refugee from Syria: I was an academic in Syria and now I’m a refugee in Jordan. At the present time I have no ? rights in terms of basic ?human rights, political rights, and rights of representation. Our needs are very real and the number of Syrian refugees is more than the population of many ? countries in the ? world.

*??‍? E-commerce specialist: I was born and raised in ??‍♂️London and am now world traveler. I would live in different parts of the world and want to be able to manage my e-commerce company from where ever I am at any given time. Everything I do is virtual but the system pushes me to reside in  one country.

* ? Freelance translator: I am from ?? Sao Paulo and am a translator for well known publications all over the world. but because of regulations I lose a lot of energy and cannot compete professionally under the same conditions.

*? Virtual designer from Istanbul: I am virtual designer who works for brands all over Europe, so I needed to travel and ended up opening a company in ?? Oslo, Norway. It’s a very complicated process with lots of regulations. I would like to spend my energy on my work rather than dealing with all these issues.