What is BCLab


is an initiative to explore virtual nations and block citizenship as an innovative political concept.

As argued in our white paper we believe virtual nations is the logical next step, given the ⌨technological, ?social and economic developments, particularly over the last two decades. Fully ?voluntary, open source systems with a focus on future, ?BCs could enhance access, expand choice, ?improve representation and enable individuals to directly make a positive impact. Moreover, they could serve as institutional anchors for under developed countries, ?experiment beds for political innovation and push existing governing bodies to become more efficient, ?effective and inclusive.

That said, a holistic approach, including tangible political, ?economic and social benefits, is needed to make virtual nations a reality. This is easier said than done.

While we already outlined a preliminary vision based on our preferences (see virtual nation of Nubia, the “cloud country”), developing a BC should be an ?interactive and ?‍♀dynamic exercise. Also, there should be other BCs with ??‍♀different characteristics (scope, core values, and governing principles). It won’t be surprising to see some international institutions, political parties or NGOs morphing into virtual nations or becoming hybrid organizations.
BCitizenLab has three main goals:

• Help structure the debate around BCs, particularly in line with new technological developments (e.g., blockchain) and governance challenges;

• Create a forum for various stakeholders, including ?academia, ?☄start-up ecosystem, national governments, political parties, international institutions and NGOs, to exchange views; and

• ?Collaborate with various BC projects and associated initiatives to build an ecosystem and share best practices
We invite you to join the debate!