POSTED BY vnation editor | Jan, 05, 2018

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on Bitcoin Jesus Roger Ver new project that will create a new country based on the principles of voluntarism and the NAP non-aggression principle.

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This is Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange here at the Nexus conference in Aspen Colorado. I am here with a lot of amazing speakers who have many incredible ideas, and one of those with great ideas is the one and only Roger Ver. Roger is transitioning from being Bitcoin Jesus to the creator of a new country that is “not a country.”

Roger Ver:
To be fair, we’re trying to create a noncountry. For anyone who’s read a book by David Friedman called The Machinery of Freedom, we are working to implement those ideas in reality. We’ve already raised more than a hundred million US dollars, and we’re working on figuring out the appropriate way to allow the public to participate as well. I think we’ll raise over half a billion dollars.

We’re going to approach different governments around the world and ask them to sell us some of their land and grant sovereignty on that land. Then we’ll set up a free society where the main rule is simply to not aggress against other people. The non-aggression principle put into practice and so we’re going to have the world’s freest noncountry in the entire world.

It’s a fascinating thing you know, it’s in the works, and it’s happening. We’ve already started some negotiations with a couple of different countries. We were pleasantly surprised just how interested they were.

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