POSTED BY vnation editor | Jan, 05, 2018

We spoke to Janina Lowisz, the first holder of a “blockchain” ID, about the prospect of a libertarian future with no governments.

Since the media storm around the birth of Silk Road and its eventual takedown, Bitcoin has made its way into the popular consciousness. Even luddites are now vaguely aware of its existence, though usually tied to the idea of unsavoury characters buying guns, drugs or worse from the darkest recesses of the web.

What has received less attention – outside of tech circles, at least – is the totally revolutionary technology that underpins it, known as the blockchain. Without getting too technical, it’s like a giant public ledger in which every Bitcoin transaction is recorded; but instead of it being held by one central authority, it’s distributed among thousands of individual computer nodes, so the chance of faking any of the information in it – claiming you have a thousand Bitcoins when your account is empty, say, or spending the exact same coin twice – is effectively zero.

Though it was first created for digital currency exchange, the blockchain’s core concept of a decentralised, free-to-access, unchangeable public record can be adapted for a whole host of other services. (We’re still in the early days, but thinkers within the movement have already mapped out a fair few of them.)

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    Great Article!

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    Good article!

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  • Kübra Şimşek

    The idea that blockchain is taking us towards the death of the nation state is worth considering…

  • Alexis Thiebaut

    I do not think I fully understand the idea of marriage on the blockchain. If one should not make important life decisions based on what the state has to say about it, why do we should marry on the blockchain instead of being never married? Ok, as libertarians, we dont want traditional marriage but is not marriage itself a traditional stuff?

  • David Walsh

    The message that a person without any technical background can become a blockchain citizen is very cool.